See how this Autistic Child Exploitation News Cycle Works? … | Eve Reiland

International Badass Activists

See how this Autistic Child Exploitation cycle works now?

Autistic Activists called this one out from the start when this parent posted on the Orlando review page about her child’s meltdown in great, sweeping paragraphs. This description was for the benefit of readers and exploited the child’s right to reputation and privacy.

This pattern of exploitation was predicted by Autistic Activists from the moment the parent posted about the experience on Orlando Universal’s Review Page.

Then, as predicted, the review became a national news story and we have had ‘Inspiration Porn’ of this event now sweep the nation in headlines from CNN to USA Today and media outlets in between.

Inspiration Porn offers emotional treats, viral attention for the parent, and kickbacks from the company. This incident was just like the rest. A pattern. A recipe, just add oohs and ahhs. Universal Orlando was generous and gifted the parents with…

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